A modular polyurethane screen panel is a good choice for many screening circuits, especially well suited for wet or dry applications. Also available in a variety of formulations including softer compounds that minimize or eliminate blinding.

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Products details

Applications:  dry as well as wet applications

Size: 1ft*1ft, 1ft*2ft panels, also can make the size according to your special requirements, max length 3600mm panels.

Aperture options: Square, Slot, Round, Continuous slot, etc, size from 0.1mm to 170mm.


Main features:

1. Excellent abrasion resistance performance and long service life: 8`10 times longer than common wire mesh, 3 times longer than stainless wire mesh, and about 3.9 times longer than natural rubber. It has the best wear-resist performance in the mesh material.

2. Little work for maintenance, the polyurethane screen panel is heavy-duty structured and hard to be damaged under normal operation.

3. Low noise: our polyurethane and rubber screen media can reduce that noise level by as much as 9 decibels.


4. Variety of fastening options including Pin-Style, Pin and Sleeve, and Bolt Down, clips-on. Whether you need maximum holding power, ease of installation and removal, optimum versatility, or a combination of all of these, we have a fastening system to meet your needs.

Additional information


305*305, 305*610

hole size

0.1*12,0.15*12 0.2*12,,0.25*12, 0.3*12, 0.5*12,0.7*12,0.8*12,1*12,1.5*12, 2*12, 2.5*19,3*16,3.5*12, 4*12, 5*12mm



Standard service life

6~12 months


Polyurethane, pu, urethane, rubber